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Frequently Asked Questions.
1. I've never boarded my dog before and I'm quite nervous. Is it safe?
Absolutely. At Happy Tails we will look after your dog in a welcoming, dog-friendly home near you. Your dog's health and happiness are of the utmost importance to us. We believe that leaving your dog in the care of genuine dog-lovers is always preferable to kennels.
2. Can I arrange a shorter period of time for my dog to be cared for- such as a half-day?
Of course. We can offer any periods of stay from one hour to longer. We also recommend that you come and visit us and leave your dog with us for a short time prior to your official boarding. This helps us get to know your dog and make sure he is comfortable with us, and of course it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.
3. Can I specify where I want my dog to be walked (e.g. footpath, park, away from roads)?
Yes of course and in fact we welcome this. We want to keep to your dog's everyday routine as much as possible.
4. What sort of notice is required if I wish to cancel or re-arrange?
We realise that this is something you can't avoid as life doesn't always go to plan. We have a busy diary and would therefore welcome a day or two notice for either of these eventualities.
5. What payments do you accept and how do I make a payment?
We accept payment by Paypal, Bank transfer or cash. How you pay is completely up to you. Some clients like to pay for our dog walking service by the day and others make weekly or monthly payments.
We generally take payment in advance.
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